On The Difficulty Of Writing Poetry

do not come easy

or rather
words come
but not the sense

and yet
I have the sense
but not the words

if I have the words
and the sense
why then
does everything I write

by Mike Garcia

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Dear Mike Garcia, With words of nonsense you have wonderfully made a poem. To write poetry is not that much difficult. God has gifted everyone with a mind and a heart which play a major role in his or her life. When we sit quietly at a lonely place free from noise or any pollution, we feel relaxed. In that spontaneous mood comes our inner feelings in bunch of words, which in turn become poems. The heart that speaks out its mind is poem. Feel free to write more and more, then you will flood this site with your wonderful poems as days go by. Rajaram Ramachandran, Another poet like you in poemhunter website. From: rajaram@pacific.net.in