On The Edge

Poem By Janine Ecks

In this pirouette twisting will we flip and turn?
Expeditious retreat I will cast 'fore I play,
Unabashedly romping while all the signs say,
'Tread so lightly, my lady, or bound to get burned! '

Now you know as I know that the fruit is so sweet
When it's dripping with crystalline runnels of lust
And the hankering grips at your throat as you thrust
Your reality into the fire that you eat.

You breathe. The live air seeps its way through your pores
To your veins and electrifies all that you be,
And the hairs on the back of your soul reach for me!
You are taken, the spark now entrenched in your core.

There's a she, there's a you, yes, I cannily wink.
Take a heartbeat or two to regather your will;
I assure you I can't move a muscle to still
Your descent into life tightrope-walking the brink!

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