Heath Ledger In Loving Memory

22nd of January 2008
Tuesday afternoon
Soho, New York
Heath Ledger was 28
Found dead
At the foot of his bed

From Perth to Sydney
From Sydney to Hollywood
You was extremely inspirational to many
Acting with a great aplomb and too good
To be true
That you were gone

Sweat it beautifully
Becomes part of the Patriot
Crossed over the continent
And right to Brokeback Mountain
For some, it’s just hurt
The Oscar was the only abstinence
Distinguished you from the legends

Portraying The Joker in Dark Knight
Seemingly you got it right
Your latest works in Imagination of Doctor Parnassus
Will be the last
But not least

You’re down to earth and generous
Kind hearted and life loving
Would be longing
By fans across
Perth homeboy
Your famous remark
“The only thing that’s got to me
Where I’m sitting now is my instincts and my impatience”
Well, were the sleeping pills
Your alternative
To end all these?
Tell that
To Matilda Rose

by Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

Comments (7)

beautiful poetic expression- All my sweet friends will sing And with you, they will dance Farewell to the sweet seventeen, Romance, romance only romance,
A juvenile new year poem from an old experienced poet....kudos
She is now eighteen, Let us swim in a milky stream, A date with the Happy New Year, Let us wish and let us dream. ................................... A lovely welcome song heralding the New Year! Once more a Happy New Year to Akhtarji- the unrivalled King of Romance!
I call it a cordial piece of poetry with a sweet message that awakens your sleeping friends early in the morning on the maiden day of 2018! I quote, “Go and awake my sleeping friends/Let them read it and they'll fly/A single word what else it may be/Yes, love I write on the sky”. Thanks for sharing…Happy New year 2018.
Akhtar, such an inspiring write about 2018 as 2017 passes by...10+++
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