On The Eve Of Festives

On the Eve of Festives

He Put fingers to close
Ears for he feared loss
By Explosive Noise of Crackers..
Lit by Children as it flickers..

Two candles showed his face
Worried, can't step even pace..
Rags and dusty clothes
Made everyone loaths

Zealous psyches burnt wicks
In gloom, uneasy mind sinks
Echo of Crackers remained
Reverberating in ears heard.

Two, their 'Inn' was of thatches
Dared to lit matches
While its Ashes remain in belly
Make them starved fully.

Beggar on the crosside
With a panting sound sighed
Looking gloomy on those
Lights come from lamps go to close.

In dark corner sit a child
With his hands stretched
Applecart passed by him
But hunger made his souls dim..

Jungle intruded by strangers
Threw crackers on mongers..
As thier shattered huts cry
For the stomachs didnt allowed the lay..

Faraway from pleasures
They enjoyed the rocket lights
Lit by men who are unknown
From places which are unknown...

Like cuckoo alone in Other's nests
He was alone among crowd's fests..
Confined in Solitude..
While Hunger reached its Magnitude

Poor sideshops were adorned
By they who are forlorned
Lights and Sights were everywhere
Solace he searched but avail nowhere..

Riyaz Yamish

by Riyaz Yamish

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