On The Eve Of My High School Graduation

(written for my cousin Connor who graduated this spring. Congrats Connor!)

Today I am the I
I have written about:
'What I want to be when I grow up' essays,
'A meaningful experience'
Acrostic poems written with newly learned cursive.

Today I am the product of
Twelve years of schooling, of
Brow-furrowing, industrial-erasing,
Citing sources, raising my hand,
Carrying bathroom passes,
Wishing for Fridays.

Today I am free to explore,
Discover, learn, grow, create
the un-typed stories, the un-thought-of ideas.
I have the ability and the responsibility to bring change
To my world, nation, state, town, neighborhood.

In my shined shoes and pleated pants,
I stand ready to take on my wildest aspirations.

by gina prettybrowneyes

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This is such a great write on how every teenager feels when their schooldays are finally over and their ready to take the next step into their future self. Beautiful poem and really well written.