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On Receiving News Of The War
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On Receiving News Of The War

Poem By Isaac Rosenberg

When love goes bad
It leaves a bitter acid in your mouth
That begins to eat away at your insides
Hollowing you out
Filling you with sadness

You can try and wash it down
With blended whiskey or cheap red wine
Swallow slowly
Pushing it down, down, down
Like a big pill

But no matter how much you take
It doesn’t go away
Not really
Your mouth still stays bitter
And your heart will still hurt

Your mind will still sift through time’s album
Picking out favorite snapshots and memories
But no matter how hard you try
You won’t find oblivion
At the bottom of the bottle

You drink some more
And sleep a little better
And get up later with a hangover
Feeling sorry for yourself
But nothing changes
Not really

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Nice poem Nisha, thanks for sharing.