Darkness Beseeching

What's my cause of tribulation?
Am I coming to a revelation?
Concepts beseech me, befuddle me even,
Internal conflicts with the demon.

My head and my heart are even in pace,
Yet I cant seem to get out of this place.
Despair, anguish, heartache, and remorse,
Will I ever steady my course.

I see the light from the tunnel ahead,
Is it bad that the darkness comforts me instead?
Through the wilting forests of passion,
And the barren wastes lie ashen.
Here I lay, restless, in true loves fashion.

I call out for dawn to break,
But my life is one to forsake.
For I felt daylight once before,
Its been so long, it feels like lore.

Come into my darkness and take my hand,
Forever together we will stand.
In passion and fury, with all my might,
We will break through this night.

To bask in sudden glory, for all to see,
All I really needed, was you and me.

-Ryan T. Bellardini

by Ryan Bellardini

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Finally, someone who loves books as much as I do, and expressed it in the perfect-sized poem. For me, a poem of 16 lines is the ideal size, though I admit that many of mine are much shorter than that. My latest, The Best Poem Ever, has exactly sixteen lines.
wow.its a really moving piece
Chiefest treasure! Nice work.
Nice poem of Hilaire Belloc to divert the attention of a child from tearing a book to greater use of hands for living better in the world!
its awesome poem. a good book is equal to hundred friends.