On The Gold Coast

On the Gold Coast the weather in all Seasons mostly warm and fine
And on most days of the year there many hours of sunshine
In the sea there people do swim every day
On the Gold Coast of Queensland from here far away

To the Gold Coast cashed up pensioners go to grow old
The more southerly Winters for them far too cold
On their sea side verandahs in the warm sunshine
Relaxed on reclining chairs drinking beer and wine

The songs of the pied butcher birds i fancy i hear
They pipe on the Gold Coast every day of the year
And the noisy miners chirp as they fly from tree to tree
And who could mistake the song of the pee wee

But when the midges do bite your hands, legs and face
The Gold Coast of Queensland is not a heavenly place
No place truly perfect as some do like to say
Even of the Gold Coast it is sometimes this way.

by Francis Duggan

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