On The Governor General Controversy

The Governor General of Australia is in trouble one might say
And perhaps the time has come for Peter Hollingworth for to give the job away
His accusers seem too many and his friends far too few
And to resign it would seem for him the proper thing to do.

When he was Anglican Archbishop of Brisbane and that's going back in time
Some of the clergy of his diocese were guilty of the serious crime
Of child abuse when children in their care were sexually abused
And of his involvement in the cover up the Governor General stands accused.

The Governor General hangs in there but pride always comes before a fall
Still trial by public and the media does not seem fair at all
And though he seems an honourable person too few his side of the story wish to hear
By them he has already been found guilty or so it would appear.

The Governor General Peter Hollingworth to the poor is a good friend
And to some worthy causes his support he does lend
But the politically correct and the media this time might have their way
And for his lack of better judgement with his job he well might pay.

by Francis Duggan

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