On The Gray Shrike Thrush

You hear him once you cannot get him wrong
The gray shrike thrush does have a lovely song
With light brown back and unders of light gray
Birds i see often though not every day
They mostly sing in the Spring of the year
And their beautiful whistling is a joy to hear
In a bowl shaped nest of bark and fibres mostly on fork of tree
The female lays her white brown spotted eggs more often than not three
Not the prettiest bird to look at most fine songsters seem that way
But his clear and flute like whistling in your memory bound to stay
It lives where trees are plentiful and in it's range is not rare
As a songster with Australia's finest it favourably does compare
It eats insects, small lizards and nestlings of small birds and to many is well known
And is often seen with it's kind in small flocks or in pairs or on it's own.

by Francis Duggan

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