On The Hanging Of Saddam Hussein

Not one memorial is left of him in any Iraq city or village or town
That he had built at Government decree to honour his renown
Tried and convicted for crimes against humanity he died in his own pain
The despotic former leader of Iraq the dictator Saddam Hussein.

Hanged by the Government who replaced him mercy to him they did not show
Yet today the numbers of the war dead in Iraq as ever grow and grow
An invasion that has caused many deaths and widespread suffering to terrorism gave rise
In a war where hundreds of thousands of people have died that has come about by lies.

Those responsible for the invasion of Iraq for war crimes will never be tried
Though hundreds of thousands of Iraqis because of them have suffered and died
It doesn't matter if many of the deaths in Iraq only linked to them in an indirect way
For their crimes against humanity they too should be made to pay.

Hanged by the Government of his own people in what is a horrible way to die
A life for a life it would seem to me is a vindictive lie
Carried out by ruthless people who value human life as cheap
Though many do say that Saddam Hussein did sow what he did reap.

by Francis Duggan

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Thought provoking and well structured poem. I have read the poem 'Unbind it' by Saddam Hussein, it is a great poem.