On The Harassment Of Denis Ferguson

'Tis true he is one found to be guilty of a very serious crime
But for that Denis Ferguson has served his prison time
A person should live where he or she chooses to live
Without harassment from the Compassionless who cannot forget or forgive.

The one without sin never does cast the stone
And mob law is a thing one ought not to condone
Since respect to his human rights the mob refuse to pay
The man out of prison not a free man today.

The praises of judgement by the public we ought not to sing
Since such judgements as such can be such a cruel thing
Thanks to some so called good people who like to have their say
In so called democratic societies we still have mob law

The man out of prison for his crimes he did pay
But he is not free to live where he wishes to stay
The mob on where he lives will have the final say
'Tis sad when such people have things their own way.

by Francis Duggan

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