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On The High Woodside Paddock

On the high woodside paddock in the pale moonlight
The wombat and her young one are out for the night
To a protective mother out of the den he or she stays near
To the young burrowing marsupial the sounds of the night is a source of fear
The young wombat knows that for protection on mum it can depend
That from attacks of dogs or dingos with her life her young she will defend
For survival lessons and on how to find food on mum the young one does rely
Suppose to the most of Nature's young wild-born creatures this too does apply
A dark brown sturdy marsupial of about badger size
The soft whistle of the wombat once heard you will again recognize
Creatures seldom seen out in the light of day
In their deep underground den they rest hidden away
From the eyes of their enemies at night they venture out
On their search for food these creatures i cannot say that i know much about.

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