NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

On The Hill, Above The Lake

Silence shattered itself into a million
warnings as the snarling barks of
the dark spined dog forced there way
through the selfish position of my solitude.
All thoughts made their move, seeping
into the sleepy rooms of my mind.
On this hill where just two years ago
my boy and I teased the kite in the sky
as I held his untried hands which where
pulled and pushed by the uninterested winds.
Now, just a few yards from the spot of
trust and awe, I sip from a brightly coloured
can swirling and savouring the bittered taste
of escape. Watching the sun take rest behind
the grey sheepish clouds. Tired of myself
I Move towards the tarmac tarnished lake-
The setting sun sparkles and slices through
the polluted surface- Even the darkest waters
surface shine when within sight of the sun.
There is always hope even in the sickest of sights.

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Comments (2)

Wow. what a picture you have painted with this one Vincent. A great read, and the flow was excellent. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks. Love Ernestine XXX
Great work as always my man. You just got a way with words.