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On The Hill Of Calvary

On the hill of Calvary nailed to a timber cross he died
By his own people he was crucified
He was a young man then only thirty three
His life and death it gave rise to Christianity

The true son of God his millions of followers agree
Who walked on the sea water in Galilee
Going way back in time two thousand years ago
Though one person's truth to another not so

His story from past centuries and for the centuries ahead
The only one ever supposed to return from the dead
He was the son of God millions to him does pray
And he has millions of followers in the Human World of today

In the twenty first century many good people as he was become victims of foul play
At the hands of their own kind they die in the cruelest way
Like he was to be different from others was their only crime
But unlike him their names will not live through the centuries of time.

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