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On The Hill

On the hill
the valley
an interpretation
of plentitude
evolutionary fecundity
so many greens
huddled together
reaching out and grasping
exerting their own
nature-filled meaning and destiny.

Is there a Son around which
our lives must take orbit and
spin with worshipful signatures?

Anchored into all-nature’s bosom
enslaved subjects of the golden orb
toward which we turn our worshipful arms
as it sweeps its important authority

across the chambered openness
of this fleeing earth
faithfully following the elliptical circuit
around its established master?

Must we strive to realize our individuality
yet blend into the oneness of humanity
recycling to the DNA of homo erectus

coalescing into an incomprehensible
oneness of reality
playing with the shimmering light
to the visiting eyes (pain of seeing)
daring to decipher the meaning
to transgress this awe-inspiring scene
uncovering the multiple layers
the centuried-laid meanings
blooming in this instance.

The sun providing a day’s sustenance --
light for the mind’s eye

- Oct.20,2007

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it seems with every answer we find lies another question, its a paradox in its self but i believe through it comes hope for the truth, i love how the picture you draw is formed within my mind, i saw the trees actually grabbing and almost fighting for the wind, well written