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On The Last Day Of Autumn

The pigeon sized white long-billed corellas calling on the sunlit trees
On the last day of the calendar Autumn with scarcely a puff of breeze
On a pleasant enough evening of around eighteen degrees
Not too cool or not too warm such weather most people would please
With every tick of the clock the Winter is drawing near
It is such pleasant weather for this time of the year
The daylight came in with a wintry chill
And the pipe of the magpie did sound a bit shrill
The black and white bird for to sing at his best
Does need the warm glow of the sun on his breast
At this time of year not much warmth in the sunshine
But this sort of weather it does suit me fine
On the last day of Autumn in the park by the sea
How pleasant to hear the song of the pee wee.

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