On The Left Side Of Reality

The ones uninformed and less prepared,
To remain and stay aware of their surroundings...
Are always solicited to be picked,
As advocates quick to protest...
Against truth produced and its evidence.
And incited they become,
To continue to defend their kept delusions.
With a prioritizing each one of them.

And on the right side of reality,
As they 'wish' to be seen although demeaning...
Opposing those to be claimed distant and far left,
Of it...
Are those who have been depicted with wishes,
To stop a madness for what it is.
A madness that has become a part of life.
But the people have been made convinced,
That anyone charading their false faces to parade.
And masquerading promises,
Never kept to be made...
Yet believe them to be brave and unafraid to deceive.
With a doing that entertains and pleases.
To leave everyone on the left side of reality,
Choking from the smoke screen to love...
Every moment of it.

'I'm confused.
Who is on the left side of reality.
And 'who' is on the right side of it? '

~That depends.~

'On what? '

~How quick your beliefs can be changed.
And which promises made keeps you addicted.
But I wouldn't worry too much about it.
Since truth to face offers no escape.
Be you on the left or the right of it to accept.~

'All of this madness is convoluted.
I feel coiled and twisted with no end to it.'

~Truth to face will soon eliminate,
Your indecision to either be...
On the left or the right side of reality.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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