On The Lurch To Attack

So many have prioritized a gleaming bling to grab,
To impress as fast as they can get it.
That the rise of young sociopaths or psychopaths,
And whatever definition depicts this sickness...
Are on the lurch to attack,
To satisfy their temporary temptations to snatch.
With flashes of the importance of getting quick cash.
And having no mental connection to how fragile life is.
Or the value of it that has for them become meaningless.

Minds respected for their intelligence,
Gather together to make sense of this.
With intentions to examine the causes to prevent,
The increase of these 'isolated' incidents.
But refuse to lay the blame on anyone gaining fortune,
And fame that shines with a gloss.
That reflects the effectiveness of their greed at any cost.
No matter how widespread their insanity and eventual loss,
And as long as they can pocket with no one willing to stop it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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