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On The Meaning Of Human Life

So many conversations on the meaning of life
And so many have to struggle with what's known as inner strife
And yet your biggest worry to another's may seem small
Life's experiences are different to everyone and everyone means all
To the human existence there is a darker side
Suicide amongst the young and not so young nowadays is not rare Worldwide
In human life as well as joy and laughter there are tears and heartbreak
And the pressures of twenty first century living for some too much to take
It is survival of the fittest as some do like to say
But in a fairer Human World things would not be this way
Those who can empathize with the sufferings of others are blessed with a gift that's rare
To live as a truly good human being one would need to be more than self aware
Only for good luck and circumstance I may have been born to be a refugee
And the true meaning of human life seems too big a thing for me.

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