On The Meaning Of Life

On the meaning of life we do differ and on few things we seem to agree
The World as it appears to your eyes seems so very different to me
You talk about the life hereafter and of God's kingdom somewhere in the sky
Your right to your beliefs that is your right a right to you none should deny
I do not believe on a hereafter on such matters why should I lie
I believe we are like all other life forms that we are just born to die
I've known many long since departed but none have returned for to tell
Me of life in the World known as the Hereafter or the existence of a heaven or hell
I see myself as of no more importance than the animals I choose to eat
The sheep or the cow of the paddock or other animals slaughtered for their meat
You may feel that I am blasphemous and that at what I say feel some surprise
I've never said I have the answers to life's meaning and I've never said that I was wise
The meaning of life to us different and I must say that suits me fine
You believe on a life hereafter but your opinions are not mine.

by Francis Duggan

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