MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! ! On The Morning Of Christ's Nativity

This starry dawn - the wise men yet afar -
the shepherds are abed, their night's task done.
Is Mary tired? Or, as one untouched?
All birth's a miracle; not less this one.

The cattle have bestirred at hint of morn,
the thought of feeding making moist their muzzle;
straw is rustling, as they, manger-drawn,
find unfamiliar form- so warm - to nuzzle.

What were the first words Joseph softly said
to Mary, as dawn broke, this day of days?
And who, sent from the inn to cattle-shed
to feed and lay fresh straw, fell still in praise?

How long, this morn, before the murmured sound
of voices in the street, as Word gets round?

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I was sure you'd have an interesting angle on this and wasn't disappointed! Can you imagine the response if such an event was to happen today - from the Sun's take on it to that of the Guardian to Pte eye, and Have I got News for you? Sharp as a tack as usual Mr Shepherd. Thanks for making mine merry. Have a merry one yourself and a very fine 2007 to you and yours. jim