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On The Morwell Fire

In Morwell a pyromaniac from the police on the run
Of deliberate fire lighting for such kind is a way of having fun
The Hazelwood coal mine is burning releasing toxic smoke
A public health hazard to one mentally unwell person is just a big joke
Due to one ruthless person the population of a Town of their health live in fear
For the people of Morwell this will not be the happiest year
And this due to one person Morwell's number one foe
Who derives great pleasure on causing others woe
In warm Summer weather arsonists the cause of lighting many a big fire
In such people there is nothing in which one can admire
The fire in the mine has left the sky over Morwell smoky and gray
A lot of fearful for their health people in the Gippsland Town today
And all due to one person from the law now on the run
Some people have strange ways of having some fun.

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