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On The Mother Of All Bombs

U S President Donald J Trump believes this is the great act of a very great man
This ordering of the bombings of the tunnels used by I S I S in Afghanistan
He may think the murdering of murderers on his behalf is great
But the killing of killers only more killing create

He says in a few months he has achieved more than his predecessor Barack Obama had in eight years
Achieved more in environmental damage and human deaths and suffering and tears
Barack Obama used his power in a positive way
But of Donald J Trump the same one cannot say

His ordering of the so called mother of all bombs on Afghanistan is an environmental crime
The affects of which will be felt on the area it was dropped on over decades of time
Any crime against our Mother Earth is quite a serious crime indeed
Of people who abuse power in a bad way the World is not in need

In eight years or less Donald J Trump from power will be gone
But the affects of his bombings on the natural environment will live on
And we still will have power abusing megalomaniacs, war, terrorism and fear
And on news of violence on news radio every day of we will hear.

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