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On The Neglect Of George Crabbe

He wrote of life's reality in the England of his time
Of the plight of the poor in his marvellous rhyme
But in the neglect of the poems of George Crabbe it might seem fair to say
Is that he wrote of the poor in this some part neglect of him and of his poems would play

In his poems had he glorified royalty, the wealthy gentry and the self conceited squire
His poems to fans of the successful would be more appealing and as a deceased poet many his work would admire
But the plight of the poor not interesting to the majority of people Worldwide
And the main reason George Crabbe's poems are neglected is that he was on the down and out side

George Crabbe is one of the near forgotten though few poets as great as he was true to say
He was the poet of very poor people the World is in need of more poets like him today
But the voices for the homeless fall on deaf ears today as when he lived many decades ago
That there are many poor people today as there were in George Crabbe's time happens to be so

George Crabbe the great poet of poor people his poems are neglected today
Though he was a marvellous wordsmith with words he surely had a way
It is only of the wealthy and famous that most people wish to hear of or to read about
And only the kind and compassionate left to speak for the down and out.

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