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On The News Of The World

Rupert Murdoch's empire is in trouble but he doesn't care
Since after all old Rupert is a multi billionaire
His great newspaper The News Of The World no longer to be published due to scandals in galore
But despite all of this his empire will survive as it has done before
That Rupert has known better times this well may be so
And he is one who is not without a foe
And Rupert Murdoch must die but it will not be of hunger that much we do know,
Due to corrupt journalism and phone tapping and bribery
Britain's biggest selling newspaper The News Of The World is now just a memory
But for the loss of his biggest selling newspaper Rupert Murdoch will not weep
A small thing like that will not keep him from sleep
The billionaire octogenarian has enough of money for to buy a big town
And a small thing like this would hardly get him down.

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