On The Night Deepened By Pigeons' Coos

Drum beats and clapping of bamboo clappers
on the night deepened by pigeons' coos
my heart is impaled as if jabbed by a spear
What are you doing now, o bihuwoti
in the dead of night
Woken up by a nightmare
you've taken a cold gulp of water
Like an old lotus seed
sprouts the strain of bonghosha
under the pillow
Seeking relief
I place my hand on the chest
My mind is hazy
The pensive poet says
Let the spear stay embedded
spreading pollens of pain
Let the tunes of horn and gagana glide down
every hour of the night
deepened by pigeons' coos
With every glide
let the world of pain swell
spreading all over
my chest and back.

by Anubhav Tulasi

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