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On The Olympic Games

The Sydney Olympics are over but the stories will be re-told
Of the men and women from every Land who competed for gold
But I for one felt happy when the big Games did end
For of sports I have grown weary and why should I pretend

That I see sport as important though I admit in the past
That I did feel admiration for the one who could run fast
And beat the World's best athletes watched by the huge cheering crowd
And whilst they played his Country's anthem on the podium he stood proud.

Those who win Olympic medals of their fame can feel secure
But the poor of their Homelands sad to say will remain in want and poor
No advantage to the slum dweller if his fellow Countryman win the big race
He will still be poor tomorrow and living in the poorest place.

Those who win Olympic medals great status for them selves attain
And their Countries Governments politically from their achievements gain
But the billions spent on staging the Olympics could well be spent elsewhere
Who spoke of a level playing field and who said all in life is fair? .

The Olympic medallists return home as heroes and much of them is made
And the cheering almost deafening as they pass in the parade
And their names will live forever in the sporting hall of fame
But for those who felt pride in their glory life will go on much the same.

The names of the medal winners sporting historians will recall
But that the Olympic Games are over can't say I feel sad at all
In the Sydney Olympic Stadium not one poor person there
And the billions spent on staging the Games could well be spent elsewhere.

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