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On The Other Hand
CLJ (Januauary 8 1962 / Mt. View, California)

On The Other Hand

Poem By Christina L Johnson

As I look to the skies with the sun in my
eyes, I am trying to decide have I lived or have i died
Are the clouds in the heavens

On the other hand, are they just in my head
I am not sure, Am I alive or am I dead
I know I had lived once I have memories to prove it or had it been a dream or just an illusion

The family that I had, that I knew was all mine did I give them up for the fruit of the vine
Did I know from the start the end of this story, Did I think in my leaving, there was to be some kind of glory

Was my life better then, if I had one at all, One the other hand is my death better now that I have passed on
I contemplate should I stay, On the other hand should I move on
From all the Quandaries there should be a lesson I must ask my friends
Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson

There had once been a love in my life but now all I have are the memories
The children I see from a distance must be mine what I see in their eyes is the pain i did give them

You all know that I love you and that I always will, but I must follow the drummer who is just over the hill
The clouds are coming back, I see shadows all around I hear thunder roaring and the rain is coming down

The weather is not bad, in fact it is not frightening, what is frighting are my memories enlighten
All I ever wanted in life was someone to hold
That's all over now my story has been told

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Wow, you are a good, deep writer. Your thoughts must be very weighty indeed. Please keep writing, and sharing the words with us all.