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On The Other Side

I met you on the other side

one Tuesday afternoon

I never thought it was true

but it was really you

From that day we met

we instantly became good friends

I never met someone like you

but I instantly knew that I loved you

Even though you were on the other side

I felt I knew you in person

I knew I couldn’t see you

but I still loved you with all my heart

I told you about all my fears and troubles

while you were on the other side

You were there to comfort me

and make me feel safe and warm

You taught me not to worry

and that everything was going to be fine

I sometimes doubted if you were telling me the truth

but in the end everything turned out just fine

If it wasn’t for you on the other side

i don’t know where I would be today

I would probably have dropped out of school

and had a low-paying job

You taught me how important my education was

and that I will succeed

I put all my trust into you on the otherside

and I made my succession

One day I was talking to you on the otherside

and then a little scuffle happened

I think you lost your trust in me

though I did not do any wrongs

I wish I can meet you on the otherside

just one more time

to explain what happend that day

so I am not to blame

I have missed you with all my heart

and sometimes want to cry myself to sleep

I just wonder will I ever talk to you you again

while your’e on the other side

So if you ever read this

just give me one more chance

to meet you on the otherside

so then you and I will both know the truth

Love hurts even from the otherside

You did not know it, but I do love you

I wanted to tell you soo many times

but I just got too scared

I thought you would laugh at me

and think why would she want a guy like me

But all I really wanted was to say “I LOVE YOU”

for being the great friend that you were

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Rudyard Kipling


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