On The Other Side Of Critique

That you and others,
Sharing the same point of view...
Find in your private discussions,
An embitterness expressed...
By those who publicly address,
Their disappointments...
As petty?
Is not surprising.
Considering your opinions,
Are socialized over cocktail sips.

I don't see you taking stances,
Or standing on your own two feet.
Gossiping you do and that is well done.
Quiet and secret.
And extremely discreet.
Never have you been a target.
But your expertise is in targeting.

You can be counted on to sit on a fence.
Standing up for anything you defend...
The experience being on the other end of critique,
Would blind you like a deer...
Caught off guard by a spotlight as you tried,
Tip toeing your way across a crowded street.
You and the others would be out of your element.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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