(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

On The Outside

On the outside,
And, of a land full of factories;
Writing to touch your heart,
Because, you are in love.
With the muse of a river flowing through the land;
Beautiful sunrise!
Beautiful muse,
Beautiful love;
Like the muse of the tail of an animal in a tale.

With the complexity of the forest around;
Deep in the rain forest,
With the muse of life and the muse of the unity of the plants.
Fare you fans and clean your minds!
Hear my voice and bear with me,
In your hearts and in your minds;
And to wear clean clothes in the proper way to cover your nakedness,
For there are problems everywhere in this world!
On the outside,
Like the spear and the pear on the table of a traditional king in your land.

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