WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

On The Outside (Looking In)

I am a stranger
in a strange land.

A lost soul
who does not understand.

Why people do not
speak to me.

Why they ignore my presence

I am here
I exist.

I jump about
But they insist.

On walking right on by
Without a look
I take from their eye.

What's going on?
Have they all gone blind?

And deaf as well
As far as I can tell

For I shout and yell
and yell and shout.

But they just go
right on about
their business.

And it is with a heavy heart
I find myself here.

Drawn back to the place that
I do not hold dear.

For I have been
On the Outside -
Looking In -

At everything I used to do
Everything I used to be.

Now, those things are past
and silently.

I make my way back
to the grave.

And one day,
dear reader,
you will be.

On the Outside -
Looking In
Like me...

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