On The P.A. System

My child...
Listen and do not fear.
Silent should be your mind.
With a gentleness.
You know...
Who I am.
So there will be no need,
For introductions.

Keep your eyes on 'Me',
Young lady.
For the rest of your wonderful life.
And in the doing...
Your every wish ever dreamed,
I will grant and fulfill.
Providing you utmost happiness.

You must NOT turn around.
You will break the spell.
Maintain your composure.
Should be taken very seriously.

My child of tremendous beauty...
With skirt too short and much too tight.
Never again,
Will you stay wanting...
For any human need.
Will personally see to it!
Can I hear you rejoice in saying loudly...

'Uncle Larry?
Will you stop fooling around.
I recognize your voice.
And I know that is you on the P.A. System.

I was just testing it.
Weren't you just a 'wee' bit curious?

'Not at all.
I could smell your cologne 10 minutes,
BEFORE you started testing.
And please, Uncle Larry...
Do not do that when my guests arrive.
I want everyone to have a good time,
At my party.'

Excuse me?
And what is 'that' suppose to mean?
I know you did 'not' go there with me,
Young lady? !

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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