On The Passing Of Denis Kelleher

Denis Kelleher lived in Murphy's Terrace for most of his life
Where he raised his children with Nellie his good wife
But sad news of him from Millstreet Far away
By Cashman's Hill in St Mary's cemetery his last remains lay

As a young man Denis Kelleher was athletic and tall
For the Millstreet club he played Gaelic Football
A sporting hero to the fans of the green and gold
The memories live on though the legends grow old

Far beyond Duhallow's old green countryside
Denis Kelleher was one who was known far and wide
A fellow by many who was well liked and well known
And in Millstreet they will grieve at the passing of one of their own

Predeceased by two of their children for he and Nellie this was so sad
In life there are good times as well as the bad
Survived by his wife Denis to a good age lived on
And many he went to school with in the forever gone

One of the last sporting links in Duhallow to the long gone years
His passing from the Barony would not have gone without tears
The bracken face of Clara never more for to see
Though of all cares and worries the dead they are free

Denis lived a moral life and he was a good man
And as human years go his was a lengthy span
For everyone a last Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall
And a last night and day in life is for us all.

by Francis Duggan

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