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On The Passing Of Denis O' Keeffe

A writer, musician and singer songwriter in his lifetime he made many a friend
Denis O' Keeffe the famous entertainer his lifetime journey has come to an end
One known and loved by many in South West Victoria greatness of the man cannot be denied
For his famous book on 'Waltzing Matilda' Dennis was one who was known Nationwide

An honorable member of the famous O' Keeffe clan he first saw light of day in Warrnambool
In his tender years in the south west coastal City he took his first steps in life and went to school
A lifetime journey that ended for him in his late fifties peace and serenity in Tower Hill where he does lay
In one sense any of us are not different to Dennis for all of us there is a last night and day

In his life Denis O' Keeffe did create a good legacy for himself for to be remembered by
One can say of him that with living in honor he was one who did give it his best try
He was a person blessed with many talents the legacy he left worthy of recall
The bell of farewell it has tolled for Dennis on a March day in the Southern Fall

Dennis O' Keeffe had not been well for a few years he was not granted a long lifetime span
One who to life who had so much more to offer he will be missed as a good and a talented man
From cultural celebrations such as the Lake School in Koroit his passing a huge loss to music and the wordsmith trade
In years from now Dennis will be remembered it is of people like him good memories are made

Though it is quite sad for to learn of his passing he had suffered a lot and need not suffer anymore
In his life he was one who brought joy to many his every performance ended in an encore
He will live on in his words and his music and the good memories bound to remain
Of one who did bring great joy to so many never to be seen in the flesh again.

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