On The Run

You and me,
We’ve got to get out of here.
We can’t stay like this forever,
We’re going to sail away from this place,
To see some new horizons before us.

Surely there must be someway out of here?
We’ve got to get moving
If we want to be out of here soon.

Don’t ask me where we’re going,
I haven’t thought that far ahead.
I thought we could travel wherever
The wind may take us.
Don’t ask me about money,
I still haven’t worked out what
We’ll do about that.
Surely I could get a job,
Make some cash,
Then we’ll be on out way again.

Imagine the freedom we’ll feel,
No more constraints, no more pressure.
Running along the roads
Together hand in hand.
We’ll make it there
Wherever we decide to go.

So come on,
Pack your bags,
Count your coins,
Get yourself together.
We’ll be going soon.
Me and you together,
Hand in hand
And on the run
From here.

©Charlie F. Kane


by Charlie F. Kane

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