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On The School Bus
AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

On The School Bus

Poem By Alison Cassidy

She caught the school bus
every day,
Margaret Kennedy,
plain and pigeon-toed.

She chose the same seat
behind the driver
(we liked to sit up the back) .
She'd bury her face in a book,
hiding her freckles under her hat.

She was a school prefect -
a real goody-goody -
who always wore her gloves
and 'reported' us
when we didn't.

She sometimes sucked sweets
which she'd smuggle
from gloved hand to mouth.

Margaret was a loner -
aloof and without friends.
She was older than us
and we were all a bit scared of her.

One day she missed the bus.
We were told her mum had died
(she'd had cancer apparently) .

She never caught the bus again.

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Comments (14)

so simple yet so great, the Anti-Climax in the poem made us ponder and read it again......Very nice
Behind the plain and pigeon-toed Margaret Kennedy, there is a whole story...almost untold. Thanks.
More than just a portrait, you tell a story, you take the reader on a journey and deliver this narrative with honesty and insight...the abruptness of the final line resounds. Superb work Allie. j xx
yet most touching ending and that is beauty of the narration and the way u creat the climax is most superb, and i admire., it deseves 10+, thanks for sharing
Terrific character development, and I admired the quick and brutal ending. chuck