On The Syrian Crisis

Rising from the Arab Spring Uprisings
Beginning from a young boy's end
Justice! Democracy! They screamed
But their voices were drowned in their own blood
And from the blood arose blood thirsty vampires
Hundreds of thousands of opposition supporters with arms!
Harmless protesters suddenly armored with harm

Citizen against government
Citizen against citizen
Lil' asad! Dida al' asad! We chanted
But the lives of our wives and children were the sacrifice for our political convictions
Rape and torture snatched them from us
Starvation and ill health held them captive

Where is the hiding place?
Where is home?
Damascus! Aleppo! Thou cities of old
You used to be a safe harbor for your people
Alas thy seed flee thine presence
For you have been burnt
Ignited with chemical weapons

Oh! The imperfection of war
War- the fault in our universe
Vengeance! An eye for an eye! We cry
But would we wait for the whole world to go blind
Before we stop and ask ourselves if all of this is worth it?

by Truth Osumareton Egbe

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