On The Traitors' Side

everybody's doing wrong
I wish I wanted to go along
but I know that they're not right
they're just breathing their own spite
these sad events do occur
but here's one thing of which I can be sure

they may put you down for no reason at all
make you feel insignificant and small
but I believe in you and who you are inside
and we'll never be on the traitors' side

well that was some time ago
it's nearly winter, but it won't snow
the only thing that comes down from the sky
are sweet memories of you and I
you had fake friends who never cared about you
and three real ones who couldn't live without you
I don't see you much anymore
but that doesn't mean I don't feel the same as before

maybe I'm not worth anything at all
you don't come to me and you don't call
you can tell me I'm different while looking in my eyes
well, at least I'm not on the traitor's side

so help me out, here, what side are you on?
can I see you smile, or are you too far gone?
you crawl out of the so-called shadows of your depth
and become shallow and lose your breath

a year ago we asked for a fresh start
and now we got it and we're falling apart
it's just not fair and now you're one of them
a year from now we will have met our end

and I'm so sorry you ended up like this
it's irony, I take it for what it is
and you'll sink, and you'll slide
because now you're on the traitors' side

don't be like that, I can see you're drifting off in space
the dust in your hair, the smoke in your face
your laughing spirit is getting old
and your warm heart is getting cold

you were all caught up in suicide
but now you say it was all a lie
you'd never kill yourself, why would you anyway?
but I knew there was another reason every day

I might lose you completely, it might hurt sometimes
it's not preferred, but it's not a crime
you know that you can't run, so you hide
from your own guilt, on the traitors' side

and I wonder, if you've ever cried
I bet you haven't, you're too proud
now you're on the other side
now you're on the traitors' side.

by Jade Leven

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