On The Way Home

On the way home
I came from a journey
On the way home
I took the train
On the way home while I was sitting in the chair
I saw my love....my crush... I couldnt help but stare
This time I didnt care what people thought
I had to be with you someday, someway
People can say whatever
but they cant break what we built
On the way home
I was all alone
But i knew what i felt along the way
gazing into the city
nothing amuzes me like him
Cars drive by
Lights shine bright
but I dont really stop and look
Its all about me and him soon....

by ice johnson

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lovers whether man/man, man/woman or woman/woman makes no difference it's what is inside your heart that counts. you have a typo - and i have a pet peeve about them sorry nothing amuzes (s/b amuses) me like him