On The Wheel Of Time

I am riding on the wheel of time,
Certainly my joy is not sublime,
When I look here and there,
I find peace nowhere,
Someone is suffering from starvation,
Someone is a victim of desperation,
War has ruined beautiful cities,
Somewhere Nature sent calamities,
Poor wretched with a life of gloom,
Waiting for the moment of their doom,
Poor children are reduced to skeleton,
Their misery is noticed by none,
While rich are playing with wealth,
They remain in the pink of health,
Their children take three meals with them,
Together they sing their glory anthem,
I curse the moment I rode on the time,
It was nothing but a senseless crime.

by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Comments (1)

There is a lot of empathy in this. It is hard to hold one's head up and be proud of your humanity, faced with the goings-on that are always apparent all around. I was thinking last night that homo sapiens has the instinct to take care of his own blood first and others last, and that seems so in-born; is it something that can ever be overcome, or something we can temper so that we can become almost as concerned about the children of others as about our own offspring? I know some have done just that; but too few. We need a revolution in thinking (and a bigger one in how we grow food, and what we grow and how we disperse it, perhaps?)