On The Wings Of A Butterfly

Wish I could ride on the wings of a butterfly
Over a flock of whippoorwills, to hear their lamented cry
Forget about my ups and downs
Forget about my sighs and frowns
For a moment put fresh air in each lung
Put the sweetest nectar on my tongue
Fly high and slide off a rainbow
Let the wild wind toss me to and fro
Let me escape from my cocoon
If for just one lazy afternoon
For a moment let me forget about tomorrow
Live for the now, put aside any sorrow
Wish I could ride on a butterfly’s wings
For a moment I recall the old tire swings
Where everything is forgotten for a while
And you don’t care how far you stretch a smile
I need to be floating free
Away from any animosity
And when the day is through
I’ll go back to thinking of you

by Alfred Ramos

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Oh what a delightful poem! Makes me feel carefree, joyful just reading it. Wonderful writing Al. Cheers Anita