DT (3rd January 1956 / LONDON, UK)

On The Wings Of Ancient Rhyme

Thank you Edgar Allan Poe
Reminded me of what I know
Echoes of Shakespeare’s prose
Life is rounded by a sleep
Through my life I unresting doze
Dreaming in a dream reposed
Thinking all that’s good and bad
Being happy and often sad
Thank you Edgar Allan Poe
Why do I write this poem though?
You and many have expressed
All the thoughts that here are composed.

As I sleep I do confess
That this life it has been blessed
Into my dream did ride
Some bright beams of truth
On the wings of ancient rhyme
Never changing from the depths of time
Blindly grasping holding on
From my dark satanic home
They did take me high
Showed me what the spirits see
When from these senses we are set free
But I did not hold so tight
And once again I fell, lost sight.

But now I listen keen
To those sounds which in my dream
Promise to swoop and, I find
Lift me up and cast down sleep
And perhaps I will listen, very fine
And hold on ‘till the end of time.

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In my minds eye, this is brilliant. The title is most captivating as well......marci.xo~~