On This Day

On This Day
This is a English Version of the poem 'Ee Tithire'
published in Surjya Prabha Odia daily on 12th July '09.

That day, while you left
Didn't tell me - not even a word!
Thought in between you and me
Nothing more left for days to come ahead!

Though you left me
Crossing boundary of day-and-night
snapping off the blood-ties
That day -
You left me being form-less
While I was gazing at
The flickering flame.

I have to live some more
'Snan Purnima's
Through some more pull-push of
Day-and-Night and to
Preserve the unforgettable memoirs.

I'm not sure of the beliefs I have with these
Rituals and rites,
Not sure how doable in this life style
My annual offerings - 'teel and tandula'
you get? - not sure of it.
Even you get, then not sure
What you can you do with those?

I don't know,
Even don't try to know
Nor I can forget you.

Every year on This Day
I intensely remember you
You come, I walk with you in that lane
That we traversed long before!

by Hrushikesha Mohanty

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