On This Day

On this day I will make you my wife

We will engulf each other and live one life

There will be rough times, I can’t promise that loving me will always be great

We may be at odds and on thin ice one of us will skate

Just know that with you I will always be straight

Done with my playing around, I will become a better man with you by my side starting on this date

Affection, infatuation, adore are some of the words I use to describe you

My life has lead up to this moment now that I look back on it in review

Take me as I am and care for me just as I will care for you

My heart is yours we do not always have to go by me, at times you can lead that I will allow

This is the day that you take on my last name

I will forever cherish you, this is my vow

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Comments (2)

i love this poem alot
Neatiful write Steve...reads almost like wedding vows...thank you for sharing it...10+++