On Thoughts

Poem By markus martinez

Have you ever thought about thoughts
How did they startHow did they go away
How many more will we have in our life
how long will we have a passion for thoughts
Do all people have thoughts, or are some persons thoughts fuzzy and garbled
How do we know how others think, as one is spiritual and another physical
Are there any out there that are truly enlightened
Or ar the enlightened better liars
All thought happening at the same time
I think it is just as radio waves move across the sky
So does a thought, all in one motion everyone catches the same thought at the same time
this explains why we do things at the same time.No matter how individual we are the same thoughts come to all
When we pass on do our thoughts go to others?
And when we think of those who have passed do our thoughts bring them back
Our thoughts do bring them back so should I think more or less of them
so they can rest
In the future maybe they will download our minds and put them in cyberspace for eternity
And are thoughts we have really worth anything to anyone else
or is it only the single person that it helps
Are thoughts and feelings the same, I know we can control our feelings with our thoughts, so conversly can we control our thoughts with our feelings?
I think our thoughts are our reality, they are who we are, they are who we have been they are also who we will be
they will comfort, or haunt us all the days of our lives
so please try to keep your thoughts good

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