On Top Of Stoney Mountain

On top Of Stoney Mountain

On top of stoney mountain
Is a wall of brick and stone
A place where all the unfit go
To spend some time alone

What is right and what is wrong
Can you dear sir tell me
Answer me not Shakespearean
'To be or not to be'

Society has labelled me
Since the that I was born
A reject unable to concentrate
Beaten to the bone

My life has been but a bind
Between the poor and middle class
Too rich to beg upon the street
And too poor to give at mass

Now when I die you'll wonder why
I smile so readily
For in that box of velvet
I will rest eternally

And when I rise to glory
I will come back eventually
To haunt damn old society
Cause I wasn't guilty period.

Paul Henry Dallaire
Paul Henry Pub.SOCAN

by Paul Henry Dallaire

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