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55 Verse w/Haiku Lines

Mental graffito
Opening Pandora's box
Opposites attract. -

Telling tomorrow about yesterday,
Sunday still jealous of Saturday's fame.
Midnight discovers where noon's secrets lay,
trusting that circles will remain the same:

Spheres of influence
Fighting over grains of sand
Time no longer needs.

Forgotten motives remember the scheme,
satified knowing forever in need.
Reality shows the danger to dream,
failure still finding a way to succeed:

Tragic illusion
Foolish pawns thinking as Knights
Feeding the dragon.

Question December's answer to July,
faithful communion alone will betray.
Liquid temptations refusing to dry,
free will so choosing what consequence pay:

Obsessions of love
Searching for the golden ring
Life can never own. -kidd

by Newport Knights

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