Learning The Names Of Trees

I wander by riverside grass
learning the names of trees,
watched by curious magpies
who know, I think, as I do
that these old roots dig deep,
and drink there, deeper still,
pulling up the lost histories
whispering them to the breeze
and attentive squirrels, gone
mad with the knowledge, so
eager to know more they
race about planting new ones
hoping they will mine deeper
chewing their homes in old trunks
listening through the night
huddled together with their kin
gleaning more of the things
the trees will not speak of
aloud, in the company of men
because these lengthy names
I am committing to my memory
are not their own, and squirrels
hoard their secrets like seed

by Gordon R. Menzies

Comments (8)

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I really enjoyed reading it, Walter...thank you.10++++ Cheryl
Downward we drift through shadow and light. Under yon rock the eddies sleep, Calm and silent, dark and deep. The Kelpy has risen from the fathomless pool, He hath lighted his candle of death and of dool: Very interesting lines. Enjoyed reading it. 10 for its sharing.
Lover or monk! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A superb night song with great imagery. Like to read again and again.Thanks for posting.
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